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tv   ABC2 News at 530PM  ABC  December 18, 2012 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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. >> a look at tonight's top stories. students in new youtown school district are likely doing their homework after the first day back to school after the shooting. butstudents from sandy hook elementary could re -- return later this week but they'll return to chalk middle school. they are working to fit the school for elementary age students in response to the shooting, dick's sporting goodz and pulling certain semiautomatic rifles off of the shelves nationwide.
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they have suspended all dpun sales at stores closer to newtown. >> and a difficult day as five more funerals were held. fourstudents and one teacher will have funerals. and one student is being taken back to her home state in utah to be buried. >> weather wise shgsz today we cleared out the skies but we brought in the wind. two handson the steering wheel that's key now especially if you drive a high profile vehicle. winds arenorthwesterly at 10 to 20 but the gusts are closer to 30. gusting at 30 in dc. gustapproximating almost to 30 in wilmington. so you can get cecil county you are being whipped.
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a few showers up in the pennsylvania area. we stayclear and windy as techls dush -- temperatures fall to the 30s overnight. we will warm up a little before we get much colder. when this happens is is coming up. . >> the memorial continues to grow outside of sandy hook elementary. look at these white roses. each rose has a puck chur of the students and teach eers that were killed. it has a poem attached that starts with dear mommy and daddy, please don't be sad. >> the tragedy in newtown has everybody talking about mental health issues and gun control. among the topics is should we arm our teachers with more than just books?
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should teachers be armed in the classroom. there's a school district in texas where this rule is in place. >> in the remote town of harold texas, there is a plan called the guard yan plan. >> my mantra is this, as school personnel, we are the first responders. >> they believe that teachers armed with a gun will prevent a school shooting. >> my goal is that if someone comes in to try to hurt my little ones, that they are killed. >> the district adopted the plan in 2007. teachers with a concealed permit can carry a gun inside the school. the nearestpolice station to this school is 30 minutes away. >> we need to be here to protect our children not four or five or six minutes from now. we need to protect them now with a shooter.
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>> father of two, michael hopkins agrees. >> i have no problems with it all. . >> think about this, is this really where we are? do we have to arm our teachers? sound off on the facebook page now, a-that's at they arenot doing enough to protect you, the consumer. >> that's what the government says and now toyota has to pay up. >> and tips for tipping those that help you out all yearlong from the hair style tois the dog walker, we're going help you out. have a good night. here you go. you, too. i'm going to dream about that steak.
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he dog walker, we're going help you out. . >> let's look the consumer alert. toyota has agreed to pay a $17.400-0000 fine to the highway administration. thiscomes after a recall on a lexus model. remember the floor matts in the lexus crossover that moved and caused the gas pedal to get stuck. well toyota is paying for that now. thenational average for gas is
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now 3.25. that's a $0.15 drop just this month and since mid-september prices have dromd $0.62 on average. but by the end of the month, prices could drop another $0.05 a gallon. >> driving tests are nerve wracking for first time drivers but what if you r you could take the test without getting in a car. researchers are working with the virginia dmv officials to determine if a driving simulator is actually an a better test. it sounds like a car and has a speed oment -- speedometer and rear-view mirror. >> we also test something such as memory and doing all of that while reading signs on the
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highway and remembering what they were. >> the test tashgs about an hour and a half to complete. >> i would say to practice on but not for the real test. >> nothing simulate it is real thing. >> changes to one social network that could have them making money off of your pictures how long have you going -- are you going the have to keep your photos from equalling to profit for instagram. >> regifting is now main stream but there are some rules to follow. we'll break them down for you when we come back.
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we are closing in on the year of 2012 and we have no idea what our finances may look like next year. >> there may be a light at the end of the fiscal cliff. kenkim is in washington with more tonight. >> the back and forth over the
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fiscal cliff continued today but the two sides are still not close to a final deal. housespeaker john boehner says he continues to work with the president but is also keeping a plan b hanty i did. that wouldextend the bush tax cuts for everybody making less than one million dollars 100- 0000 having a back up plan to make sure that as few americans are effected by this as possible is the right course of action after meeting with boehner yesterday, president obama sweetened his offer, that included $1.2 trillion in tax increases. extending the bush tax cuts for every e american earning less than 4 hundred $400,000 a year. limiting the amount of cost of living increases on social
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security and limiting the extension on the debt ceiling. >> the president has come a little over hatch way and the republicans, this far. thepresident has demonstrated his reasonableness. >> but boehner said that's not quite the balance the republicans are looking for. >> i have made it clear to the president that i would put a trillion dollars worth of revenue on the table if he put a trillion dollar offense spending reductions on the table. >> the whitehouse flat out rejected plan b and even some house republicans grumbled because they're opposed to any tax increases. . >> i get to play the account president now. i'm going to rael read some new rules for you. let's see about these credits. if no deal is reached, first it's the child tax credit, right now, we get 1,000 for each child under the age of 17. ifthis expires, it drops to 5
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$500. next, the child dependant care credit. this allows working parents to report day care cost. now you can get a 3 thousand dollar expense in tax with one child. if this expires, it goes to 24 hundred per child. andthen there's the earned incumbent tax credit. this is a way families with more children got more back but this could cost families with at least 3 children, 6 hundred dollars a year. plus this plan that helps low incumbent families with college, this will drop to 18 hundred dollars and only be good for two years of college. wewant you to stay with we haveeverything covered along with the fiscal cliff. you'll findthe latest on the debate and plus ways to save your money.
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that's at abc2 news/money. >> and now, maryland's most accurate forecast.. >> weather wise, it has been a crystal clear kind of day. wehad a few passing clouds. temperatures were a little mild at 10:00 to 11:00 now are getting chilly. now down to 40. days are extremely short now. we're in the shortest days of the year between now and december 22nd. some passingcloud cover at times but a nice finish in baltimore. how abouta look at annapolis, the u.s. naval academy sitting on the bapgs of a pretty shop pi river with a few clouds over head. and next take tow harford county, choppy there. chillywater temperatures too. take alook at the winds north and west, five to 15, gusting stronger. we have some winds guszing to
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306789 so very breeze vi scenario. -- breezy. temperatures are not exactly frigid by december standards but it will be chilly tonight. howabout some of the weather into the day tomorrow, temperatures likely to get back to the mid-50s but it's going to be a chilly start in the morning. and for points across baltimore county, mid-50s expected. sunshine will clear out after a tonight. radar trend, fairly active to the north up in pennsylvania and the north state. today it was just the fair clouds. skieswill remain clear tomorrow. limited cloud cover as we go into thursday and then clouds increase through the day and a round of rain thursday night
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into early friday. that's goingto help usher in some cooler air. take a look at this had, cold air ponding up or building up to the north and west, that's going to arrive later in the week into friday and saturday. you can see most of the active weather just north of new england. our story is going to be this, high pressure and dry weather continuing to funnel into the area tomorrow. writebring the sun glasses, you'll need them tomorrow. then we'llwatch our next storm begin to edge in bringing the chance of rain to maryland by thursday night and colder air will make its presence felt. tonight 34,clear and cold. tomorrow, 54 atthe airport at least. andtomorrow night, down into the upper 30s and just a few clouds. next few day, temperatures run school cooler, especially by
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friday and into saturday because of that cold front sparking the rain thursday bringing cold air and wintery type rain and snow mix. . >> there we are on christmas on tuesday. you'll want to take a picture of your kid opening presents and put it on instagram. a few weeks later, your kid is selling tires in an advertisement on facebook. >> that could happen as instagram is changing its policies allowing them to be able to license your photos. roosevelt leftwich joins us now with more. >> if you do want to protect your creative rights, don't use instagram or any social media that allows a third party to use your property. this is the latest war between privacy and profit. >> the gull standing on the sea wall or how about the view of the city. and then there's a good shot of
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folks on a sunny day. this place was made for pictures and pictures are meant for sharing. this family uses social media to share photos with their family around the cup tri for their eyes only. >> i would not like anyone using my pictures out anywhere. these are my puck churs. >> it may not be just yours anymore. after january 16th, if you are using instagram, you are giving them unrestricted rights to use your photograph. theysay you still own that photo but if a company likes the photo as well. instagram can license the photo to them and not give you a dime. . >> we still have creative rights. i think we need to be careful of how we give them up. >> this attorney says this is kind of typical. users aresigning up to services
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and signing away their rights, in some cases without realizing what they're doing. he saysread the terms of service and privacy agreement. >> you have to make sure you're not giving away something that you can't take back or if you take a picture of your friend, you're not giving away something of the the friend's because they have a right to their own likeness and their own voice. if you put out a video of your friend, although this says you have the right to give that out, you may not. >> and for social media users, that photo could star in the next big ad campaign. justthink about this, your mom could be exploited and you'd have no way to protect her. >> i don't want my pictures to appear in some ad because i didn't give them permission to do that. >> this whole thing has been
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heating up the the web. a lotof people are just incensed by this. however this just came over, instagram says it will now revise an agreement to the service after the user complaint. the mobile photo sharing company said tuesday that it has no plans to use user's photos in ads but that said, instagram says it was created to become a business and would still like to experiment with different types of advertisement to make money. sothat's just as vague as any of these click here agreements that you click on and license things away. so this debate is going to continue. back to you guys. >> you have some good photos out there, rosie. confession time. no denying it, at some point you have regifted. betterbefore you do it, john
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shows you the rules so you don't waste your money . >> regifting is the hottest trend in gift giving these days. it can be fine as long as you know the rules . regiftingis hot. aol says you need to be careful. you don't want to get caught regifting, a term first used in a 1995 episode of seinfeld. >> the item must be unopened, double check for personal name, initials or monograms and wrap it in fresh paper so that it looks as though you brought it. . >> and from the file, avoid
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the seinfeld scenario, that's when you accidentally give it back to the person who gave it to you or regift it to someone in the same social circle so they find out. it's best to give it to someone on the other side of your family or who doesn't know the original gifter. >> there's nothing wrong with regifting as long as you're careful and don't do anything that embarrasses you or the person who gave it to you. . >> make sure you don't get caught. stay with us, we're working on new stories. babiesborn prematurely wouldn't have a chance of surviving if it wasn't for the care they receive in neonatal care units. we'll showyou the updates one hospital is doing. and she's been in jail for ten years after beating and stabbing a 15 year old girl to death. we'll hear from the parole
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#k34igs commission on the decision to deny her parole. c1
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. >> this may be one of the most confusing things to think about, how do you tip the folks who take care of you year round. >> from your postal worker to your barber been we'll help you figure it out. >> people like to show appreciation for the people they do business with year round but how much appreciation can be confusing. we have suggested guide liebs lines. for hairstylist, barbers and the like, the cost is the cost of one visit.
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for cleaning people, it's the cost of one service. apartment dwellers should check to see if there's a fund gathered among all residents. if not, 150 for a doorman. a dogwalker can receive up to one week's pay if they walk your dog up to five days a week or more. if they do it less, then one day is good. the u.s. postal service prohibits workers from receiving cash or gifts in that exceed $20. and remember, these are just suggestions for those who can't afford cash, a small gift or homemade treat will also be appreciated. >> you can always bake some cook es. >> don't forget your local meteorologist. a local hospital is working to build a new unit


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